24-Bit Dailies in a 16-Bit World

1890's Sound Mixer

steampunkSound Mixer circa 1891, working off a steam powered soundcart and recording on the latest electro/clock-gear "audio memorizer". True, there is no historical documentation of these early sound mixers, but we all know that mixers have never gotten much attention in the history books. Especially back then, when Jules Verne was the Lucas of his time.


Win 10 corrupting sound cards

Win10 TechAlertOur friends at Sound Devices have confirmed user reports of a serious issue with Windows 10 and removable media formatted as FAT32. Users are experiencing corruption of .wav media files by simply inserting FAT32 formatted SD or CF cards into a Windows 10 computer. Files do not need to be opened or accessed in order for them to become corrupt. This problem has been reported to Microsoft. If we learn of any new information we will share it at the earliest. Thank you for your continued support!

Film, TV, or New Media?

statueA colleague of mine has endeavored to create a current lexicon for film, television, and new media with the intent of redefining where one field of study leaves off and the next one begins. Although it may seem like just an academic exercise -- this really does become important when defining areas of employment, union representation, and divisions within a university academic structure. This is just my take on things, and is only an opinion -- not the gospel. Please, feel free to comment or to submit your own thoughts. We really do want to know what most people think.