24-Bit Dailies in a 16-Bit World

Rock N Roller Multi-Media Cart


Ginsburg with soundcart at NAB 2012


At the last winter NAMM Show (2012, Anaheim CA), I had one of my soundcarts on display in the Tascam booth, where I was doing presentations about the HS-P82 recorder. The owner of the Rock N Roller Multicart company stopped by, and was intrigued by the modifications that I had made to his original design in order to convert the cart for film/video applications. He invited me to help him design a new accessory shelf unit that would satisfy the needs of sound mixers and videographers. In just a couple months time, he shipped me the newly designed cart, ready to exhibit at this year's NAB show! (see picture).

Editor's Note:  More information about the new Rock N Roller Multi-Media Production Cart can also be found on the RnR product site at www.FilmTVsound.com/RnR