Mix Panels

ISO outputs from Mackie mixers

1604VLZ3-TopThe goal of mixing to multi-track is to be able to record a live production mix along with iso tracks of each major microphone input, so that the audio post production sound editors have the option of using the un-mixed raw mic feeds to reconstruct the soundtrack if the production mix is flawed. However, not all mixing panels can provide the correct direct outs.

[PDF] Owner's Manual for the Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro Mixing Panel

Click to download PDFThe factory owner's and operation manual for the 1402-VLZ Pro Mackie board, divided into easy to follow chapters with colored diagrams that explain everything you need to know about this versatile mixing board. It is an excellent text for learning the basics of using a professional mixing panel, and its content is applicable to the majority of manufacturers & models used by our industry.

File size: approx. 2.08 MB

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