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Our link to Ron & Nancy Reagan

ReaganBack in the early 1980's, I had filed for a fiance visa for my wife to be, Ligaya. Several months later, I followed up with the INS only to be told that they had mislaid the file and to start over! I mentioned this at work to my soundmixer mentor, Dean Gilmore. He said that he knew someone who could help, and then pulled an old business card from his wallet and punched in the number on a desk phone. He greeted someone, exchanged some rowdy jokes and jibs, talked about wives, and then began to tell him my situation. A moment later, Deano hands me the phone and says, "Here is Ronny Reagan, the president. He wants to hear it all from you!" President Reagan and I spoke, and then he transferred me to the WH Chief of Staff. Turned out that Deano and Ronny were close friends from Hollywood. And yes, the INS very soon found her file and she got her visa. Ronnie and Nancy, you are forever a part of our lives. RIP.

1891 Sound Mixer

1891 Sound MixerTwo pics of me published in the current (Fall 2015) issue of the CAS Quarterly Magazine, in the Lighter Side section. Counting down how many of my "fifteen minutes of fame" are remaining. Fourteen, thirteen....