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Basic Audio for Indie Project

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Basics of Audio Editing for Indie Film Project    by Mary Parker

As someone who simply can’t live without great cinematic pieces of art and, at the same time, someone who lives from music, I could never understand how filmmakers consider the sound to be the least important factor of their creation. Just take a look at any blockbuster at the cinema and you’ll get the point. Sounds, music and the atmosphere of the film are just as important as the screenplay, acting and camera work.

Basic Equipment Package

FG cart MZstage 5x4x72One of the most common questions that comes up is: “What kinds of equipment do you typically bring with you to a shoot? What is on your soundcart?”

The answer can vary, of course, depending on several factors, such as the nature of the shoot, the budget, the complexity of the shots, and the preferred or required digital workflow.

But for the sake of providing some sort of baseline for beginners, let’s examine my typical load-out for a low budget, theatrical style, small project.

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