Production Planning

What Your Crew Expects of You

filmcrewIt seems like, on any given day, a person can flip open a trade magazine and read all about what producers should expect from their free-lance video crews. I think that’s well and good for many of the new producer/directors, and those articles may help them choose competent teams. However, this article deals with the flip side of the issue --namely, what experienced freelancers expect from their (often novice) employers.

Audio for Television: Mixing the Basic Event

tv-audioI wish that I could say that the life of a professional Production Sound Mixer consisted only of sitting around on a large, Hollywood feature film set while being obscenely overpaid. But more often than not, we actually have to work for a living and that often entails mixing low budget "reality" television (video shot for cable, etc.)

Set Design for Dialogue Recording

setMost articles that deal with Production Sound Recording for video/film tend to cover microphones and recording/mixing techniques. I am not going to cover audio from the Sound Mixer's perspective, but rather from the contributions of other Departments. Why should other Departments care about improving audio? After all, except for Editing, the sound is not their responsibility, right?

[SERIES] Preparing for your Shoot

Preparing for your shootGood sound and picture does not happen by accident nor on its own. It requires concerted efforts from all the production executives (producer, director, production manager) as well as from members of the crew. Success in every aspect of filmmaking hinges upon decisions made early on during the pre-production process.

From location scouting, crewing, and dealing with rental houses, this series covers essentials of the pre-production process.

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