Thi Dinh Sound

ThiThi is a former student of mine and has begun freelancing as a sound mixer since recently graduating CSUN. Thi was one of my best students over the years, and cannot be recommended highly enough! Check out his website. Thi has my sincere endorsement and and vote of confidence. Hire him!!!!

Recommended Links

Here are some of our favorite links around the Sound Community.

woodysWoody Woodhall C.A.S., provides in-depth interviews, insightful editorials, and comprehensive articles in his blog about various facets of post-production sound. Woody's Sound Advice is also a component of Allied Post Audio and the LA Post Production Group.

casname1The Cinema Audio Society© consists of Sound Mixers and Associates from the Film and Television Industries. The Society was founded to create a proper channel of communication between the related sound crafts and between those instrumental to the production and distribution of film and television soundtracks.

Where to Buy or Rent Gear

Here is a listing of some of the shops around the country who specialize in sales and/or rental of Production Sound Equipment.

We have not included the big box houses who only offer sales (but minimal service, advice, or after- sale support). Instead, we prefer to focus on companies that have been around awhile, tend to be owned by sound mixers or industry experts, and are really there for you when you need some help. Yeah, you may pay a few dollars more, but as a Professional -- what you receive in return is well worth every penny!

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