Lightstone01webRecently, soundmixer Richard Lightstone CAS shared pictures of his Dante sound recording setup with colleagues on FaceBook. To give you a sense of how the "big boys" play, I am sharing his photos and comments.

"Dante perfection. Record and Playback today; Main cart with Mac-Mini, JoeCo, SD 970, Yamaha 01V96, talking both directions to Soundcraft Expression 1 and Macbook Pro with ProTools 10.3.1. All with just 2 Cat 6 cables!
"The Mac-Mini is the computer where I manage Dante Controller and Pixnet for the Main Cart. I do have Boom Recorder up and interfaced via the Dante Virtual Soundcard, but I do not use it at all. The Yamaha, the SD 970, the JoeCo and the Mac-Mini are all interfaced via Cat 6 cables and a 5 port Gigabit switch. The only XLR cables are from the two Lectrosonic Venues into the Yamaha, 2 hard wired Microphones inputs and 4 Omni outputs. The Macbook Pro also had Dante Controller running for the ProTools and Soundcraft. However the Controller on the Mac-Mini sees all the Dante devices on the network and I can route via that one if I wished. I had the one running on the Macbookpro just as a test. In other words, network patching could be done from either Controller as they are mirrors of each other.Lightstone02web
Sound Devices 970" The Sound Devices 970 tells it all."