Post Production

OMF Considerations

omf iconOMF files are an essential component for audio post workflow.   OMF or Open Media Framework is a file format developed by Avid Technology as a way to more conveniently transfer digital data.  It was originally released in 1990 and then updated in ’96 , it’s a standard and it’s a bit long in the tooth.  But we’ll get to that soon enough.

Preparing for Audio Post

prep-post iconAudio post requires the final edited audio tracks from the non-linear edit timeline. Ideally this will include a flash frame of video and audio pop at the head and tail of the movie file. This can be delivered a number of ways but most often it is exported as an OMF file, which the majority of leading NLE's export.

How to Perform Multi-Camera Editing in Pinnacle 12

pinnacle-multicam iconEven though we normally build editing systems to utilize Avid Liquid or Avid Media Composer, we have been more than impressed by the capabilities of Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate. For an inexpensive little program, the folks at Pinnacle (a division of Avid) really pack a lot of features into this video editing package.