Audio Techniques

Shooting to Sync Playback

sync-playbackCreating music videos is a delicate process, one that can be easier or harder depending on the images, sequences, and complexities involved. But at its core they are essentially videos shot to sync audio. Here's a workflow that'll keep you from tearing your hair out and make you aware of common novice pratfalls.

Recording Sound for Dinner Impossible

dinnerimpThe Food Networks' "Dinner: Impossible" is a unique blend of a standard reality show and a cooking theme. The show is produced by Shooters Post and Transfer, and Marc Summers Productions. I am the primary mixer on the show and one of the three owners and founders of Shooters Post and Transfer, based in Philadelphia. The show is centered around its' Hero Chef, Robert Irvine. Roberts's weekly challenge is to compose gourmet meals in not so gourmet environments. Our producers keep ratcheting up the challenge to get Robert to stumble. This keeps me and my crew on our toes.

Hierarchy of Microphone Techniques

KMR81 mic

Achieving clear, crisp dialogue and sound effects on a film or video production is no easy task. Production Sound Mixing is a craft that requires a blend of technical expertise and proper tools.

The key to good sound gathering is to work from some basic strategies, and then work up from there.Anticipate instead of react. Don't limit yourself capability-wise to what you have been led to expect based on the production meeting. Things often change at the last minute, and producers/directors are notorious for not bothering to inform all of the crew. Be prepared for as many contingencies as possible.