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Recording high quality dialogue for film and video production requires a blend of technology and technique. Sadly, almost all of the emphasis these days is on achieving the best picture quality, and sound is the forgotten child.

Learn MoreBut for those of you interested in attending or hosting a seminar/workshop on how to achieve Hollywood grade location audio -- Fred Ginsburg CAS Ph.D. MBKS is an internationally recognized authority when it comes to teaching this complex craft.

Workshops: UFVA

Category: Workshops Last Updated on August 14, 2013 Fred Ginsburg

UFVAHere is brief update on some of my recent workshops and seminars. We have just successfully completed the UFVA Conference, held at Chapman University (Orange CA). On Saturday, Aug 17th, I will be presenting on a panel being held as part of the Holly Shorts Film Festival in Hollywood CA. I am co-presenting with Woody Woodhall CAS on the topic of audio for cinema. Woody is covering the post production side of things, and I will be discussing location sound recording.

Read more: Workshops: UFVA

Ginsburg joins faculty at Chapman University

Category: Workshops Last Updated on January 26, 2012 EQE Media & Consulting Group


Fred Ginsburg CAS PhD MBKS joins the team of distinguished faculty teaching at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Beginning in the Winter/Spring 2012 semester, Dr. Ginsburg has been hired as an Adjunct and will be instructing a graduate level class in Production Sound.

Fred Ginsburg is also a current member of the Production Faculty at California State University Northridge, where he teaches Advanced Film Sound (Production Sound).

Welcome Chapman and CSUN students!

If you have made it this far, you are in the right place. FilmTVsound is your online coursebook, and includes articles, lecture notes, and interactive Forum. Pull down the tab "College Classes" and you will see links for your respective courses: FTV 534 graduate class in Production Sound; and CTVA 358 Advanced Film Sound.

Fred Ginsburg back from NAB 2015

Category: Workshops Last Updated on January 19, 2016 Fred Ginsburg

NAB15 FredcartIt was fun being the center of attention in the Audio Technica booth during NAB 2015. Hard work, though. Brought my directors chair and barely spent any time in it. Folks kept coming up and asking questions about shotguns, lavs, System 10 wireless, and production sound in general. They loved that my soundcart was fully functional and that they could play with the booms, or see how we do attenuated dual mono live mixes concurrent with ISO's.

Read more: Fred Ginsburg back from NAB 2015

LAPPG One-Day Workshop on Sound

Category: Workshops Last Updated on April 08, 2012 Fred Ginsburg


Creating a professional sound project. With  Dr. Fred Ginsburg CAS and Woody Woodhall CAS

Take this fall to brush up your sound skills and give your audio the proper attention it deserves by learning the best practices, tips and tools that no filmmaker should be without!

This one-day filmmaking class is designed for the digital filmmaker who wants to improve the sound of their film, television show, or webseries. Nothing screams “amateur” like an improperly recorded, edited and mixed soundtrack.

Read more: LAPPG One-Day Workshop on Sound

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This website is intended as an educational resource for those interested in video and film production. Our specialty is Production Sound Recording (location sound), although we are also versed in other aspects of production, from pre to post.


Our mission is not to sell you equipment, but to help you to master the complex craft of location audio recording for video and film.

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