Sound Design

M-S Stereo Simplified

M-S mics01Mid Side stereo recording can be scarey if you spend too much time reading a lot of high tech articles. But as Audio Technica and sound mixer Robert Bigelow (music mixer for HBO’s Treme) demonstrated at the 2012 NAB Show, it is actually a whole lot simpler and easier than you think to record stereo tracks in the field that can be varied during the stages of post production.

Priorities of Recording

Pic courtesy of TREW AUDIOWhat are the objectives or goals of the Production Mixer? When a mixer arrives on a set, there are a set of priorities that we follow in planning out WHAT and HOW to record. This article will lead you through the thought process of establishing your game plan or approach of which soundtrack elements need to be recorded.

[PDF] C.A.S. Whitepaper - The Digital Gameplan

Click to download PDFThe Cinema Audio Society, Hollywood's guild for sound mixers, has complied this descriptive and in-depth overview of the digital workflow for production and post-production audio. It is perfect for professionals and new mixers to orient themselves to basic concepts and options as seen in dual recorded video/audio workflows.

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Consistency in Sound Recording

dgital-VUA critical aspect in sound recording for motion pictures and video is the consistency of all of the repetitively appearing elements of the soundtrack from scene to scene. As a scene (or an event in time) progresses from beginning to end -- audiences expect the sound to flow seamlessly and continuously, just as it would if they were somehow physically present while witness to the event.

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