User Guide to the Tascam HS-P82 for Film/Video Applications

hsp82 front 2This Guide to the Tascam HS-P82 and companion RC-F82 is intended to provide the new user a concise review of the operation and setup of this portable multitrack recorder, along with explanations and a suggested workflow for professional film/video applications.

It is not meant to replace the comprehensive Owners Manuals provided with the equipment, but rather to supplement those documents.

Part 1 deals with the basic setup of the recorder. Part 2 covers recording with the unit, stand alone, without a mixing board. Part 3 discusses using the recorder with an external mixer, and Part 4 deals with the use of the Tascam companion fader controller.

Note: Please download the latest version of this guide, Users Guide to the Tascam HS-P82 v1.20 for Film/Video Applications by Ginsburg, which has been updated to reflect the changes & improvements brought about by firmware version v1.20. The new version of this guide also features better explanations of operation and real world workflow for professional filmmaking applications.

Multi-track Recording for Film & Video

multitrack-film-tv iconToday's Production Sound Mixer faces a choice: to record the production dialogue in single track (monaural), 2-track, 4-track, or even 8-12 track. In this article, based on Fred Ginsburg's popular live lectures during NAB 2010, the author presents a brief overview of multi-track recording for film and video production.

Guides for Fostex FR2

fostex-fr2 iconHere is a quick link to the Users Manual of the Fostex FR2 compact flash digital portable recorder. In addition, we have put together a Quick Start guide to the menu settings for the timecode equipped models. Although the Fostex FR2 is no longer being manufactured, it is still prevalent in many universities and rental houses. It is a favorite amongst those doing sync playback on music videos and commercials.

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