class-extWelcome to Professor Ginsburg's CSUN and Chapman students enrolled in CTVA358/FP534 Production Sound and CTVA230 Fundamentals of Audio. You will find course information and the syllabus located in the College Classes tab at the top of the homepage.

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To the right of the CTVA358/FP534 areas, you will also see links to Presentations (aka lecture PowerPoints) and Sample Exercises (the hands-on production exercises that we will be doing in class).

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In the ONLINE FORUM, you will see a forum area for each class. Make sure that you check the postings at the beginning of every week to see what is on the docket in terms of topics and assignments/readings. After you read the weekly posting, please use the REPLY buttom to let me know that you have read it.

You should also check the postings the nite before class, in case there are any last minute schedule changes or venue changes! You do not need to leave a second reply.

Explore the other areas in the Forum, and feel free to post relevant items for your classmates and other members of the audio community.

In addition to the Required Readings, you should take some time and explore all of the materials on this website. There are a lot more articles, along with PDF copies of many equipment manuals, links, and much more.

If there are any manuals that you would like to see added to our library, send me an email.


In addition to the Readings list on this site, there is a special link for the class for downloading additional course materials including handouts and Pro Tools session files. That private link is on your downloaded syllabus, and will be emailed to everyone enrolled in the course. When you receive the link, you should SAVE a copy of the link or the email itself to your hard drive, as well as download the zipped files to your personal computer. If you do not receive, or have lost, the email containing this course link -- just email the Instructor (Professor Ginsburg) and I will resend it to you.