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TOPIC: Les miserables Sound Design Featurette

Les miserables Sound Design Featurette 2 years 8 months ago #2720

This featurette explores the sound team, both production and post, for the film Les miserables . Most of you already know the film is a musical. However, this film is also known for having used the on location, live vocals for its final output instead of rerecording the performances in a studio. Watch the video to gain insight on how they accomplished this.

Notable points of the video:
Most of the time the actors were rigged with radio mics.
At times 26 tracks recorded simultaneously.
See how sound mixer Simon Hayes interacts with his crew and the talent.
See how sets were deadened for minimal extraneous sound

This is an interview with Simon Hayes where he goes into great detail on how to be a successful sound mixer and overall team on set.

-Anthony Gaona
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