01/26 First day of class. Course description. What is Production Sound? Why learn production sound?

02/02 Professional Approach to Prod Sound. Pre-production. Rental houses. Crew.

02/09 Priorities of the mixer. Hierarchy of mic techniques.

02/16 QUIZ #1 (Priorities, Hierarchy, Pre-production)
Mixing panels

02/23 Hands on video exercises. Multi-mic mixing Boom and Plant Mic. (Airport)

03/02 Mic basics. (types, sensitivity, powering)

03/09 QUIZ #2 (Mixers)
Mics continued. Shotguns. Record scenes using various mics.

03/16 Recorders and Multi-Track Mixing

03/23 Spring Break

03/30 Cesar Chavez Day. No class.

04/06 Intro to Lavaliers & Radio Mics. Rig talent and shoot simple "talk show".
Please wear or bring button down shirt or blouse, or something w lapels.


NAB Week. Schedule to be announced. Make sure to check the forum Thursday nite


!Lavs continued. Hands on exercises: TV Event. Multi-mic LIVE event or demo.


04/27 QUIZ #3 (Mics, TV Sound)
Hands on exercises: Complex scene ("Brown Interview")

05/04 Hands on exercises: Complex scene (exterior: "Conned Film Festival").

05/11 Major exam (1st attempt; optional) & post-test review
LAST CHANCE to submit all projects by end of class.


Final exam officially administered.  Regular class time/location unless otherwise notified by the Instructor. 

LAST CHANCE to take make-up tests.

All tests from 8:30am (or 9am) thru 10:30am.

Special Lecture @ 10:45am: Resumés; Getting started in the industry. (Open to all CTVA students)