02/03 First day of class. Course description. What is Production Sound? Why learn production sound?

02/10 Professional Approach to Prod Sound. Pre-production. Rental houses. Crew.

02/17 Priorities of the mixer. Hierarchy of mic techniques.

02/24 QUIZ #1 (Priorities, Hierarchy, Pre-production)
Mixing panels

Cycle 1 Film Productions dates TBA

03/03 Hands on video exercises. Multi-mic mixing Boom and Plant Mic. (Airport)

Cycle 2 Film Productions

03/10 Mic basics. (sensitivity, powering)

03/17 Mics continued. Shotguns. Record scenes using Boom Mic.

03/24 Holiday: SPRING BREAK"3,2,1" Film Productions for all 1st year students

03/31 QUIZ #2 (Mixers)
Intro to portable recorders; multi-track.

04/07 Intro to Lavaliers & Radio Mics. Rig talent and shoot simple "talk show".
Please wear or bring button down shirt or blouse; and appropriate undergarment if you are shy about another student (same sex) unbuttoning your top.

04/14 TBA.....this is NAB Week, so our schedule may be subject to change

04/21 QUIZ #3 (Mics, TV Sound)
Hands on exercises: Complex scene ("Brown Interview")

04/28 Hands on exercises Multi-mic mixing (exterior, Conned Film Festival)

05/05 Recording Live Events and Music

05/12 Absolute Final Deadline to submit all projects by end of class. Review of course content.
Final Lecture: Resumes; Networking; Apprenticeships/Internships. Getting started in the industry.

05/19 Final Exam
Absolutely the LAST DAY to take make-up tests.This is the last day to re-submit projects that were turned in by 5/05 and returned to you by the instructor.