OutlookLike many of you, we experienced Outlook crashing all of the time, just after installing the Nov 2015 Windows Updates. Fortunately, our webmaster (Corsair Media Services) was able to show us this solution.

The culprit is Windows Security patch KB3097877, which was one of the dozens released in early November (around Nov 10 was the date we got them). So to fix your version of Outlook, you need to uninstall that patch and then hide it so it will not be re-installed the next time you update.

Here is how to do that. Open Control Panel > Programs > Installed Updates. In the search window at the top of the screen, just type in KB3097877. It will take a couple of minutes for the search, but eventually it will find it. Just select it and click UNINSTALL. Be patient, it will take Windows a good while to do this uninstall. It required almost a half hour on our desktop, and we run a very fast computer!

After the UNINSTALL is complete, you will need to re-boot of course. But you will see that Outlook runs properly again.

To prevent this from re-occurring, you need to run a check for Windows Updates. In the list of available updates, locate this patch and then right click to HIDE it permanently.

Our thanks to Vince at Corsair Media Services for his wisdom and insight. Feel free to re-post this blog around the internet and FB; we are happy to share the solution to this problem!