Pinnacle16Fairly recently, I updated my PC laptop from Windows 8 to the new 8.1 version. However, when I attempted to open Pinnacle Studio 16, it refused to run nor open. Here is the solution.

When those sort of things happen, I have learned that the first step is to just Google the issue and see what similar complaints and solutions come up! Well, that is what I did, and I found an announcement from Corel (who took over the Pinnacle line from AVID) that Windows 8.1 and Studio 16 did not play well together.

However, the manufacturer did amend their software to correct for the issue. A patch is available that you simply download from their site, double click to execute, and will self install. After that, your program will respond and run just fine (or at least as fine as Studio 16 can be expected to run).

For your convenience, here is the link:

On that page, you want to click on the link to the patch as described under STEP 2 of their instructions.