24-Bit Dailies in a 16-Bit World

Thoughts about Steve Jobs

steve-jobs-photo3Yesterday the world was shaken with the news of Steve Jobs' passing. For some of us, it did not come as that much of a surprise. My wife is a gastroenterology RN at one of the country's top hospitals, and she is all too familar with pancreatic cancer. So we knew that for Steve, it was just a matter of time. But no one can deny that this man truly left his mark on the world during his relatively short lifetime.

Trials or Executions for Terrorists

097 anwar awlakiOn Sept 30, 2011, the USA was able to take out two known terrorists. The story has been on all of the news, Anwar al-Awlaki, a powerful American-born Islamic cleric who was known to be an al-Qaeda operative, was killed Friday in Yemen, along with one of his associates. I believe that the controversy as to whether or not the killing of two former Americans was justified is a no brainer.

Student Dictionary of Filmmaking Terms

film-schoolWell, we survived another couple of semesters and now get to relax (somewhat) during the summer. A lot of student films have come and gone; some great, some decent, and some not worthy of the pixels who have been sacrificed in their making.

I have thought that it would be fun to compile a list of student filmmaking "definitions" or should we say "daffy-nitions".