Audio Techniques

Sync Playback: revisited

syncplaybackRecently, our faculty at California State University Northridge was submitted a proposal for one of our Senior Thesis Films for an original musical, to be shot "live". Even though we have discussed Sync Playback in previous articles here on our website,, I felt that it is important to revisit this topic and explain about the process of shooting to Sync Playback.

Monitoring the Soundtrack

headphones iconA cameraman would never judge composition and good lighting based on what he or she hears. Likewise, a soundperson would be a fool to record audio based solely on what they see. Yet all too often, that is exactly what many filmmakers do. They see their audio meters reacting, and therefore assume that good audio is being recorded.

Adding Phone Conversations to your Recording

skypeIt is not unusual for a videographer to need to record a telephone conversation or telephone interview on location. In the old days of broadcast, this required some specialized pieces of equipment, known as phone patches or hybrids. This equipment can get expensive; although if you are in the telephone talk-show business, the advanced features and high quality make them worth the investment.

[PRESENTATION] Microphone Techniques for Episodic TV and Features

hsp82 front 2This is a PDF copy of the visual slideshow that accompanied Fred Ginsburg's presentations at NAB 2011. Audio Technica sponsored a series of free workshops every day of the conference. These graphics discuss the multi-track workflow and microphone techniques for location audio recording.

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