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Model R2RT (Micro) R6RT (Mini) R8RT (Mid) R10RT (Max) R12RT
(All Terrain)
R14RT (Mega) RMH (Handtruck)
Length (compacted) 26" 28" 34" 34" 34" 42" 24"
Length (Extended) 39" 42.5" 52" 52" 52" 60" 39"
Width (frame bed) 11" 12.5" 13.5" 13.5" 13.5" 15" 14.5"
Width (rear wheels) 14" 18" 19" 20" 20" 22" 18"
Height (folded) 6.5" 9.5" 9.5" 11" 12" 12" 6.75"
Height (unfolded) 30.75" 33.25" 38.75" 40.5" 41.5" 42" 39"
Front Casters 4" x 1" 4" x 1" 5" x 1.25" 5" x 1.25"

8" x 2"

6" x 1.5"

6" x 1.5"

Rear Wheels

6" x 1.5"


8" x 2"


8" x 2"


10" x 3"


10" x 3"


8" x 2"

Weight 15.4 lbs. 22 lbs. 27 lbs. 30 lbs. 33 lbs. 35 lbs. 9.6 lbs.
Load Capacity 350 lbs./24 cu. ft. 500 lbs./27 cu. ft. 500 lbs./32 cu. ft. 500 lbs./32 cu. ft. 500 lbs./32 cu. ft. 700 lbs./32 cu. ft. 200 lbs.
List Prices $139.99 $189.99 $219.99 $239.99 $319.99 $299.99 $99.99

Note: R8, R10 and R12 have the same frame dimension so that all accessories will interchange on these 3 models. Wheels and casters are not interchangeable.

Multi-Cart model R12RT

Rock-n-Roller "All Terrain" Multi-Cart model R12RTR12RT all-terrain cart w. frame extended

List price: $319.95

  • The R12RT is the industry favorite of the Rock-n-Roller® Multi-Cart® line for location film and video production.
  • Features rugged, foam-filled no-flat 10" x 3” rear wheels and 8"x 2” swivel casters that are designed to navigate rough terrain, including gravel, dirt, grass, cables, or other small obstacles. 
  • The patented 8-in-1 cart transforms easily to adjust to various load sizes.
  • Frame extends from 34" to 52" in length, with a weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Folds compact for storage or transport in a small vehicle.

SpecificationsR12RT 8 configurations

  • Rock-n-Roller® Multi-Cart® 8-in-1 Equipment Transporter - Model R12RT
  • Powder-coated steel tube frame telescopes from 34"-52" in length with 32" foldable sides.
  • 10"x3" R-Trac no-flat rear wheels and 8"x2" patented R-Trac no-flat swivel casters with brake.
  • Load cap.: 500 lbs./32 cu. ft. Wt: 34 lbs. 

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Accessories for R12RT

Replacement Parts for R12RT

Multi-Media 2-Tier Shelf System

Model # RSHM2 $99.95model RSHM2 2-tier Multi-Media Shelf system

  • Tranforms your Rock N Roller cart into a fully functional mobile workstation.
  • Large main shelf measures 24" x 36" to provide ample work space for Sound, Film or Video Production, Testing Equipment, and other professional on-site applications.
  • For transit, the main shelf easily detaches via four T-bolts that engage the two uprights of the cart frame.
  • The upper shelf (hutch) can hold up to 50 lbs, and measures 10" x 36", allowing additional equipment to be set above the main workspace. For transit, the top shelf easily detaches, and the two supports re-attach to lay flat against the underside.
  • The combined shelves can handle a total load of up to 200 lbs. The plywood shelves are covered in a heavy duty carpet for durability, and the main shelf features a surrounding lip to keep gear from sliding off.
  • Weight of the Multi-Media shelf system is 22 lbs.
  • The Multi-Media shelf fits models R8, R10, and R12; and can be ordered as an Accessory for $99.95.
  • It comes standard when you order the Multi-Media Cart configuration (consisting of an R12RT frame and the RSHM2 shelf system).

Rock N Roller Multi-Media Production Cart

Perfect for Sound or Video ProductionRock N Roller logo

  • Affordable: List price only $419.  model R12RT-RSHM2
  • Portable: Lightweight and folds compact for easy transit. Holds up to 500 lbs.
  • Package consists of the all-terrain R12RT basic cart and the new Multi-media 2-tier shelf system
  • Inspired and Designed with input from award winning professional sound mixers Fred Ginsburg CAS, Robert Bigelow CAS, and Steve Savanyu.

Multi-Media 2-tier shelf systemmodel R12RT-RSHM2 Multi-Media Production Cart

  • Main workshelf measures 24” x 36”. Supports up to 200 lbs. Fully carpeted plywood, with a short lip on all sides for equipment retention. Easily bolts onto the two upright "handles" of the cart.
  • Upper shelf (hutch) measures 10” x 36”. Fully carpeted plywood. Supports up to 50 lbs.
  • Hutch supported by a pair of C-shaped square tubes that easily slide into receptacles under both shelves. In storage mode, tube supports attach sideways to fold flat against the underside of the hutch. No tools required.
  • Main shelf and hutch weigh only 22 lbs.

R12RT All-terrain multi-cart framemodel R12RT all-terrain cart frame extended to 72 inches

  • Telescopes from compact 34 inches to extended 52 inches. Weighs only 34 lbs.
  • Use the cart fully extended to haul up to 500 pounds of equipment cases to the location; then shrink it down and mount the shelf system for use in even the tightest sets.
  • Features four all-terrain, large diameter, run-flat tires that never need inflation.
  • Easily traverses dirt, grass, cables, and small obstacles.
  • Fixed axle wheels are 10” diameter by 3” wide. Castered swivel wheels are 8” diameter by 2” wide.

model R12RT-RSHM2 folded compact for travel

Easy to transport

  • Quickly disassembles for shipping into a compact package: 36” x 24” x 14”.
  • The two upright sides fold flat, the lightweight frame telescopes, and the shelves can nestle under the frame to keep everything nice and tidy.
  • Fits into even the smallest vehicles.

Summary of Advantages

  • Less expensive than carts customized from traditional industrial handtrucks.
  • R12RT-RSHM2 Multi-Media Production cart as location soundcart Far more portable than heavy traditional industrial handtrucks. Lighter weight and easier to carry up stairs or over large obstacles.
  • Rock N Roller Multi-Media Production Cart comes complete with all-terrain tires and 2-tier workstation. Rolls easily over dirt, grass, cables, and small obstacles.
  • Frame telescopes from 34 inches to 52 inches. Spacious 36 x 24 carpeted main shelf, with 36 x 10 upper shelf.
  • Entire cart folds compact and is easy to transport in small vehicle.
  • Easy to customize. Canvas Boom Apron available to hold 4 boompoles.
  • Ideal for use as Soundcart, Video Production Cart, DIT station.