Boompole Apron for Rock N Roller MultiCartboomapron cart 6x2x72

Manufactured by KarauProducts

  • Designed specifically as an accessory for the Rock N Roller R12, R10 and R8 series; and features 4 pockets to hold up to 4 boompoles, antennas, umbrellas, or other pole-type items.
  • The apron features an inverted pocket that slips over the standard side upright of the cart, and is secured with snaps, a mid-strap, and lower corner “hook & loop” retainers.
  • When not in use on the cart, the apron serves as a carry bag for the boompoles, wrapping safely around them and securing with the mid-strap.
  • It is ruggedly constructed from 1000d nylon, triple stitched, and manufactured entirely in the USA by KarauProducts.

List Price: only $59.95

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