PT firstTwo important announcements about Pro Tools!

To begin with, AVID stresses that current versions of Pro Tools are NOT SUPPORTED in the newly released Windows 10. Maybe there will be updates for the older versions of PT (10, 11) to remedy that, but for the meantime you should hold off from installing Win 10 on any computer that you use for Pro Tools!!!!

The other news is that, for beginners, there is a FREE version of Pro Tools out, known as Pro Tools First. It is audio only, with no provision for editing audio for video. And, it is a "light" version of PT -- marketed as an introduction and training tool. But it is FREE, and an opportunity to learn Pro Tools and to use it for simple audio projects. Click here to go to the ProTools First information page.

My colleagues at CSUN just memo'd me about why we will NOT be using Pro Tools First for our basic audio course...

Hi Fred:
After looking into the possibility of using Avid Pro Tools First and consulting with [our certified AVID engineer], I think that we should NOT use Pro Tools First for CTVA 230, and here are some of the major reasons against using it:
  1. It is not readily available yet; students would need to join a waitlist to get it and may not be selected for sometime
  2. Pro Tools First cannot open Pro Tools sessions
  3. Pro Tools cannot open Pro Tools First projects 
  4. Projects can only be opened, stored, and saved using Avid’s cloud-based servers (which are not operating yet)
  5. You can only store up to three projects at a time